Sikorsky S-92 Rig Approach certificated by Transport Canada


Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) has certificated rig approaches for Sikorky’s S-92 helicopter.

Rig approach gives S-92 helicopter operators an automatic approach to offshore oil rigs and platforms. It is available as an option on the S-92 helicopter and can also be retrofitted to S-92 aircraft already in operation.

“Reducing cockpit workload is a key safety feature.”

Audrey Brady, director, S-92 Programs, Sikorsky Commercial Systems & Services said: “Reducing cockpit workload is a key safety feature that benefits the pilots and passengers, especially under challenging weather and operating conditions.”

“With the Transport Canada certification of Rig Approach, we are excited about supplying our Canadian customers with this very important functionality to help improve safety in operations,” added Brady.

Sikorsky has delivered more than 240 S-92 helicopters to customers throughout the world. Last year Sikorsky celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the S-92 helicopter, which was first delivered in 2004.

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