RN-Aircraft signs for ten AW189 helicopters


RN-Aircraft, a subsidiary of oil company Rosneft, has ordered ten AgustaWestland AW189 helicopters.

The deal is valued at $173.24 million. Deliveries are due to begin later in 2015, with the last aircraft scheduled to deliver in 2017.

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Following a framework agreement that was signed in 2014, Rosneft plans to place orders for 160 helicopters before the end of 2025. The helicopters will be supplied by Helivert, a joint venture between AgustaWestland and Russian Helicopters.

The companies also reached an agreement on the future of Helivert, with Rosneft now joining the joint venture. Previously the company shares were split 50-50 between AgustaWestland’s owner Finmeccanica and Russian Helicopters, but with Rosneft now joining the party the shares will be split 40% in favour of Finmeccanica, with Rosneft and Russian Helicopters taking 30% each.

With Rosneft joining HeliVert, Finmeccanica will strengthen its collaboration with its Russian partners, as well as increasing its commercial presence in the region by introducing a new product into the Russian market.