Metro Aviation gains authorisation for EFBs


Metro Aviation has received FAA authorisation to use Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) in their fleet of helicopters.

The EFBs will allow pilots to access charts, maps, company manuals and a variety of weather and flight planning resources.

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Metro recently chose to partner with Complete Flight to implement an innovative operations software solution.

Jim Arthur, director of Operations at Metro Aviation said: “Metro’s EFB program raises the bar in helicopter air ambulance (HAA) operations by enhancing our pilots’ ability to access the information they need to do their job safely and effectively. Pairing our EFBs with Complete Flight’s operations software allowed us to enhance safety of flight, exceed the requirements of the FAA’s new HAA regulations and continue to provide operational excellence to our customers.”

Metro received FAA authorization for EFBs following a comprehensive six-month evaluation period that tested the new technology’s functionality in each type of aircraft operated by Metro.  With the trial period complete, Metro will provide two Apple iPad devices for each of the 120 aircraft in its fleet.