PhilJets orders a Airbus H130


Philjets Group of the Philippines has placed an order with Airbus for a H130 helicopter.

The aircraft is due to be delivered in 2016.

The company say that the helicopter will be used by its group air transport subsidiary. In this role the H130 will be configured for aerial tours and surveys, mining operations and executive travel.

  • PhilJets gains AMO license
  • “This acquisition from PhilJets underlines the result of Airbus Helicopters’ support to growing helicopters operators such as PhilJets Group; as well as the strong market dynamism around the Philippines in the last few years.” said Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, Southeast Asia vice-president, Customers Airbus Helicopters.

    PhilJets say that they are trying to tap into the growing Philippine tourist market.

    Aside from a blip in 2014, tourism numbers have been increasing by double digits since 2010, with visitor spending in 2015 projected to increase by over 15%.

    “The country has so much to offer and we want to give visitors a bird’s eye view of those rarely seen areas, such as the Mt. Pinatubo crater in Luzon, or the rock island formations at El Nido in Palawan”, said Thierry Tea, CEO, PhilJets Group

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