Bell launches 412HP upgrade path


Bell 412

Bell has launched an upgrade path for 412SP operators to reach 412HP standard.

The new 412HP upgrade kit provides an additional 165 horsepower available at the main rotor, taking OGE hover performance from 11,500 lbs at sea level up to 11,900 lbs at 5,200 feet. The kit includes a new main rotor transmission, mast torque measurement system, dual engine trim, new tail rotor drive shafts, and upgraded intermediate and tail rotor gearboxes.

Bell has already installed the first production kit with Agrarflug Helilift in Ahlen, Germany. The operator has been established over 30 years, and operates over 40 helicopters in its fleet with a focus on Bell 205, 212 and 412 models. The company was announced as a Bell Customer Service Facility in October 2015.

The manufacturer expects direct maintenance costs will fall due to the lower number of greased couplings in the drive system, and increases in the overhaul intervals of multiple components.

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