Airbus embarks upon H145 Far East demo tour


Airbus H145 passing the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Airbus Helicopters has started a Far East tour to showcase its H145 model. The company  first took the H145 to Asia in October 2014, with a focus on Malaysia and Thailand.

The company has not released official sales figures for that tour that tour, however, it is in the process of delivering eleven units to the Thai military, three to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea and two to operators in Indonesia Airbus also displayed a high-spec corporate example at the Singapore Air Show earlier in the year.

The aircraft will return various locations in Malaysia and Thailand again over the next week. The second part of the tour will commence in May, and will cover Indonesia, the eastern part of Malaysia and Taiwan.

Since the helicopter entered service in mid-2014, 54 H145 helicopters have been in operation in 14 different countries with a fleet time of 15,400 flight hours. Sectors include the military, law enforcement and corporate markets. In another recent demo tour, Airbus promoted the H145 to the wind-farm support market.

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