Bristow Helicopters completes last flight from Murchison oil platform


Bristow Helicopters Limited has flown the last scheduled flight to and from the Murchison oil platform before its decommissioning.

The flight crew wanted to make the journey especially memorable for the oil workers on board, and after Bristow’s chief pilot liaised with the teams both onshore and offshore to ensure the transition was carried out safely and efficiently.

A fly past of the Murchison was conducted to give the passengers one last aerial view of the platform.

“I’m hearing you have all landed safe and sound at Scatsta,” said a representative from the platform. “I also hear you did the folks proud with a nice bit of sightseeing, which was in keeping with the occasion. This would I’m sure have been well received by our merry band.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you, and indeed Bristow Helicopters for your engagement in this momentous event, and not least for getting our crew home safely,” he continued.

“We were mindful that this was a landmark day for the oil workers departing the platform for the final time,” said Scatsta Airport operations supervisor Lesley Leslie. “This is a good example of our relationship here in Scatsta with our clients.”

Established in the UK by London-born Alan Bristow in 1955, Bristow Helicopters offers offshore transportation, fixed wing services, search and rescue (SAR) services, and most recently, UAS operated offshore installation inspection services.