Airbus Helicopters Canada expands Fort Erie facility


Airbus Helicopters Canada opening ribbon cutting

Airbus Helicopters Canada has expanded its Support and Services department at their main facility in Fort Erie, ON.

Romain Trapp, president of Airbus Helicopters Canada said: “It is our main priority to keep our customers‘ aircraft operating at peak performance. With this expansion, we will increase the efficiency of our Repair and Overhaul capabilities, resulting in faster turn-around-time when an aircraft requires service.”

“An operator’s competitiveness is directly linked to the amount of time their aircraft is flying. We are committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure we support our customers’ ability to succeed, as their success will ultimately become a reflection of our own,” Trapp added.

The expansion of Airbus Helicopters Canada’s Repair and Overhaul department is a direct result of the high demand for service from customers both domestically and internationally. Five years ago there was a dramatic increase in AS350/H125 aircraft sales worldwide. With 300 – 600 flight hours per year, many of these aircraft are coming due for overhaul. Today, there are currently 522 AS350/H125’s flying in Canada.