Era launches Unmanned Aerial Solutions operations (UAS)


Era Group Inc have released information on the launch of their Unmanned Aerial Solutions (UAS) service offering and as well as an exclusive agreement with Total Safety.

Era’s UAS offering will use unmanned aerial and related sensory technologies for several different applications including inspections, surveys, mapping, imagery, and construction and engineering within numerous industries.

These solutions are expected to provide significant benefits over traditionally-delivered services, including increased safety and enhanced efficiency through the need for less manpower.

As part of this, Era has collaborated with Total Safety, the world’s premier provider of industrial inspection and integrated safety solutions. According to their agreement, Era will serves as Total Safety’s exclusive provider of UAS services, Total Safety will in return serve as their exclusive inspection service provider in support of Era’s UAS offering.

“Era’s Unmanned Aerial Solutions offering results from our continuing commitment to develop innovative and efficient technologies to better serve our partners,” said Paul White, Senior Vice President, Commercial of Era. “The adoption of these technologies is growing rapidly, and its application presents nearly limitless use cases due to numerous available flight platforms and sensory applications. We are excited to partner with Total Safety, a leading company in the safety services industry, and believe that the collaboration will provide unique benefits to our collective customer bases.”