Erickson gets two-year logging contract in Malaysia


Erickson has been selected to provide aerial timber harvesting services to  the companies Asiatic Heli-Logging SDN BHD and Hormat Jadi SDN BHD in Sabah, Malaysia, starting in September 2016. The annual combined contract will be worth $9 million a year in total. Both companies will share the use of an Erickson S-64 Aircrane.

Erickson have worked with Asiatic Heli-Logging and their minimum two year contract, with a five-year renewal option, will use one S-64E aircraft.

“Asiatic Heli-Logging SDN BHD is very pleased to work with Erickson again. The longstanding work relationship between Asiatic and Erickson has always been built on trust and the continuous commitment towards providing an environmentally sustainable logging industry in Sabah,” said John Nip, Chief Executive Officer of Asiatic.

The Hormat Jadi are a new customer for Erickon and their contract is set for 18-months. Hormat Jadi specialise in timber harvesting from land, to increase its efficiency the company will be developing and enhancing its capabilities with the aerial services provided by Erickson.

Datuk Elbert Lim Yu Ming, JP and Managing Director, of Hormat Jadi said, “Hormat Jadi is proud to be certified by the government as an approved organization for harvesting using Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) techniques from Sustainable Forest Management License Areas.  This certification is a key differentiator for our company.”

Both customers will work with Erickson to harvest timber in steep mountainous terrain.  The helicopters provide an environmentally friendly way to log timber resources without damaging the forest floor.

The Erickson S-64 Aircrane is a heavy-lift precision helicopter that features an aft-facing pilot seat, providing unique and specialized lift and placement capabilities across a variety of platforms to include construction, HVAC installations, transmission powerline installations, and infrastructure projects ranging from dams to gas lines to waterlines. The heavy lift capability coupled with the benefits of flying where there is no road, river, rail or runway access, allows Erickson to provide services that cannot be performed via traditional lift functions from the ground. Erickson is the FAA Type Certificate holder and manufacturer of the Aircrane helicopter.

“Erickson will fly for one customer and, while that customer is assembling the harvest on the ground, the aircraft will leapfrog to the other customer and then rotate back and forth, providing maximum efficiency and cost savings for all parties.  It’s a win-win for all of us and allows us to maximize the use of our Aircrane.” said Rob Lewis, Vice President of Erickson’s Commercial Aviation Services.

Andrew Mills, Vice President of Global Business Development said, “We are delighted to return to the Malaysia market, which we have served for over 20 years. Timber harvesting is the industry that Erickson was founded on 45 years ago and it remains a core capability in our portfolio.  This joint contract provides a continued link to the Malaysia market and further expands our focus on filling the schedule of our Aircrane fleet.”