Bell deliver fourth 407GXP in South Africa


Bell Helicopter’s African Aerospace and defense department has announced the delivery of its fourth Bell 407GXP helicopter in South Africa with authorized Independent Representative National Airways Corporation.

The Bell 407GXP is known for its reliability, speed, performance and maneuverability. The cabin is configurable for an wide range of different missions and payloads. Using a Rolls-Royce 250-C47B/8 turbine FADEC engine which delivers strong performance in hot and high conditions and offers the ability to cruise at 133 kts/246 km/h.

The spacious cabin has five club-passenger seats with an additional passenger seat in the cockpit  when using single pilot operations. For added passenger comfort, the Bell 407GXP also provides a very quiet and smooth ride in virtually all weather conditions.

  “We are seeing success and opportunities for the Bell 407GXP platform across Africa,” said Steve Suttles, Bell Helicopter vice president of sales, Middle East and Africa.  “This helicopter is truly versatile and is becoming popular in the corporate transport sector, and we also see increased opportunities for it equipped as a light attack helicopter across the continent.”

“Corporate helicopter transport in South Africa is primarily a single engine aircraft market,” said Gary Phillips, Executive Director, Helicopter Division, National Airways Corporation. “The Bell 407GXP is becoming the aircraft of choice with four deliveries just for South Africa alone since 2015. We have also already received 15 letters of intent for the Bell 505 since its launch.”