Inaugural flight from Hong Kong Shun Tak Heliport to Zhuhai


Sky Shuttle Aw139 1st flight to Zhuhai

On 2 November 2016, Sky Shuttle operated the first civilian charter flight from Sun Tak Heliport to Zhuhai JinWan Airport using a Leonardo AW139 aircraft (registered B-KHN).

The helicopter departed at 1230 and arrived at Zhuhai 20 minutes later.

Demand for extra flights into China is growing and Hong Kong is hoping that a third runway will be built. Hong Kong International Airport is at full capacity and there is great potential for other airports to absorb and grow traffic.

It is expected that 80 million people will live in the Greater Pearl River delta by 2020 and this will need more investment and infrastructure in aviation including regular helicopter shuttle services from Hong Kong to nearby cities in China.

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