Luxaviation Group launches VIP helicopter management company.


Charlotte Pedersen - CEO of Luxaviation Helicopters

Luxaviation Group has launched Luxaviation Helicopters, the first global VIP helicopter management company.

The company will be responsible for managing all helicopter activity within the Group, specifically focusing on VIP and VVIP helicopters for private business clients.

Additionally, it will specialise in helicopter management, delivering crew provision, training, maintenance coordination, charter services, sales and acquisitions to helicopter owners.

Luxaviation Helicopters will be present in key locations spanning the Groups operations including Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Former COO of Luxaviation Group Charlotte Pedersen will be appointed as CEO of Luxaviation Helicopters.

Pederson said: “Luxaviation Helicopters will bring the luxury service standards of business jets into the helicopter world. Helicopter management is a natural complement to the services which the Luxaviation Group already provides and we see significant potential in this area. Across the Group, we already have the global experience and capabilities to support the needs of our VIP clients who own helicopters and wish to operate them worldwide. If a client wishes to use their helicopter in the Caribbean one week and in Bali the next, we can make that happen.

“Modern helicopters have the ability to fly almost everywhere, in all-weather conditions, and can be even faster than jets on short distances. This, however, requires highly-trained crews, world-class maintenance and a professional and experienced back office to arrange customs, permits and security preparations for our clients whose end-destinations might not be an established airport. Luxaviation Helicopters has the global ability to manage all these preparations to perfection, alongside the highest security precautions and confidentiality which is of equal importance in today’s world.”

The company will be managed according to the highest industry-leading safety, security and quality standards.