BO105 celebrates its 50th birthday


The BO105 took its maiden flight 50 years-ago today.

The two-tonne multi-mission helicopter manufactured by Airbus took off for the first time from Ottobrunn on 16 Febuary 1967.

Inaugural delivery of the BO105 was in 1970. Since then, more than 300 customers have purchased approximately 1,400 aircraft, seeing usage in EMS, police, VIP and cargo. Around a third of the total are still in service today.

Wolfgang Schoder, CEO of Airbus Helicopters in Germany said: “The BO105 has made a name for itself above all for its versatility, robustness and reliability. The fact that it is still being used 50 years after its maiden flight speaks volumes for the high quality of this helicopter. As a pioneer of modern helicopter technology, the BO105 continues to influence our product range today.”

The German armed forces were the largest customer, ordering over 200 BO105s. Some of these aircraft remained in service until December 2016.

Overall, the BO105 fleet has more than eight million flight hours around the world

The H135 and H145 succeeded and profited from the achievements of the BO105. The H135 is the current successor, adding a glass cockpit, autopilot systems and shrouded tail rotor to improve safety and sound levels.