Waypoint and Eagle introduce AW139 reconfiguration program


Waypoint Leasing and Eagle have introduced a new reconfiguration program for existing AW139 helicopters.

The new Waypoint Medium Utility Helicopter (MUH) ruduces the empty weight of the helicopter, as well as adding modular equipment for mission specific roles.

The MUH is targeting firefighting, light EMS/SAR, mining, powerline support roles.

“This innovative program is another example of Waypoint’s ability to differentiate itself in the market and broaden our service offerings to meet the increased demands of utility customers around the world.”

“Reconfiguring an aircraft traditionally used for oil and gas to meet the growing demand for a range of utility missions underscores the aircraft’s versatility and Waypoint’s ability to listen to our customers and provide creative and flexible solutions to meet their needs,” said Clark McGinn, senior vice president, Sales & Relationship Management, Waypoint. “Keeping aircraft operating in secondary missions ultimately brings down costs for the entire industry.  We look forward to collaborating with Eagle on this program to redefine what’s possible for an independent, operator-focused lessor such as Waypoint.”

“The MUH program allows us to harness Waypoint’s technical expertise with our extensive overhaul know-how to provide utility operators with repurposed AW139s capable of operating in the most extreme conditions and environments,” said Mike O’Reilly, chairman of Eagle.  “We look forward to customizing these aircraft as a cost-effective solution to address market demand for utility-enabled machines and expanding our offerings within Waypoint’s Global Asset Management Services business.”