Héli-Union received recognition medals in Tanzania


Heli-Union team

Héli-Union, the french operator, has received medals to recognise safe and efficient service for its operations in Tanzania.

The operator supported offshore drilling operations for two natural gas wells in Southern Tanzania. The operation lasted three months, from November 2016 to January 2017.

Héli-Union offered passenger transport services for Medevac with its Leonardo AW139. This is the operators first mission in Tanzania and its first with BG Group.

Patrick Molis, CEO of Héli-Union said: “We are very pleased that BG Group chose Héli-Union to provide helicopter transport support for their drilling operations in Tanzania. Héli-Union is very determined to give only the safest and the best service for our clients.

“This activity has marked the expansion of Héli-Union’s footprint in Africa and we intend to spread our wings even further. We do not cease to improve and we hope that Héli-Union will be able to provide BG Group with more of our service in the future.”