Héli-Union gains first ever EASA certificate for LPV with combined capabilities


Heli-Union Airbus AS332L1

Héli-Union has obtained the first ever EASA certification of a localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) capability on an Airbus AS332L1 helicopter with both digital and analogic systems.

Normally, an LPV capability on AS332L1 utilises either a digital or an analogic system.

For now, Héli-Union is the only company that has been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency to apply such LPV capability on an AS332L1 type helicopter.

An LPV approach is a modern instrument approach procedure that uses wide area augmentation system (WAAS) and very precise Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities to attain an aircraft’s position. This approach increases position sensitivity as the aircraft approaches runways, enabling it to be flown completely by the autopilot.

Because it can incorporate the digital and analogic systems, Héli-Union’s LPV capability is able to produce a more precise position and decrease the risks while flying in autopilot mode.

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