Able Aerospace Services adds Bell 429 to repair capabilities


Bell 429

Able Aerospace Services, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation, has shown its commitment to “working at the speed of the customer” by adding repair and overhaul services for the Bell 429 to its menu.

The helicopter is used by emergency medical services and related public service operators.

Gabriel Massey, general manager of Able Aerospace Services, said: “We pride ourselves on working at the speed of the customer, and that requires our team to remain at the front of helicopter technology. The addition of Bell 429 composite repair and overhaul capabilities is an example of that commitment. It’s something we are excited to roll out to a market of modern-day aircraft owners.”

Able’s new capabilities include repairing and overhauling all Bell 429 higher assemblies, including transmission, main rotor hub and tail rotor gearbox. It says it will expand its Bell 429 offerings as demand for aftermarket support grows.

“The objective for our new Bell 429 capabilities is the same that we’ve had across our history – which is to provide smart solutions that help operators of all types to affordably maintain their aircraft for reliable performance,” said Massey.