First H145 flight simulator receives EASA Level D certification


The world’s first H145 flight simulator, at Airbus Helicopters’ German Training Academy, has received the highest possible certification by the German Federal Aviation Office.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Level D certification means that pilot hours in the simulator can now be logged as actual flight hours on top of providing basic training opportunities. This is the first flight simulator in Germany to be awarded the certification.

More than 1,500 flight hours are completed by 400 pilots per year completing training and refresher courses.

Charles Hebeka, head of Airbus Helicopters’ training centres in Germany, said: “Thanks to the world’s first H145 simulator, we can provide our customers with an excellent training environment. This is a further step we are taking together with our customers towards guaranteeing maximum flight safety when operating our helicopters.”

The simulation offers extreme flight conditions and emergency procedure training, and the cockpit can be replaced by other configurations if needed – meaning it would support future helicopter variants or configurations.

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