Sikorsky delivers two S-70i Black Hawks to L.A. County


Jeanette Eaton, regional sales director for North America; Thomas Ewald, deputy chief of Los Angeles Fire Department's Air and Wildland Division; Vince Pena, deputy chief at Los Angeles County Fire Department; Dennis Blumenthal, chief of helicopter maintenance for the Los Angeles County Fire Department; and Bill Gostic, vice president of Sikorsky, present a plaque to the Fire Chiefs commemorating the delivery of the first S-70i Black Hawks in the U.S. and continuing the Firehawk legacy with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. (PRNewsfoto/Lockheed Martin)

Pictured: Jeanette Eaton, regional sales director for North America, and Bill Gostic, vice president of Sikorsky, preseting a plaque to members of the L.A. County Fire Department. 

Sikorsky has delivered two S-70i Black Hawks to the County of Los Angeles to support its aerial firefighting efforts.

The helicopters will be modified to the Firehawk configuration for aerial firefighting to meet L.A. County Fire Department specifications.

As part of the Firehawk refit, the Black Hawks will each be fitted with a 1,000 gallon water tank, extended landing gear, single pilot cockpit and a medically-equipped interior. Both aircraft will be added to the County’s fleet of three S-70A Firehawk configured helicopters.

“We are very happy to take delivery of these two new Firehawk aircraft,” said Thomas Ewald, deputy fire chief of L.A. County Fire Department’s Air and Wildland Division.

“With the recent catastrophic wildland fires in L.A. and the Southern California region, the need for additional effective firefighting resources, such as the S-70i Firehawk, is readily apparent. These two additional aircraft will enhance our existing fleet and strengthen both our day and night aerial firefighting capability, ultimately improving our ability to protect the lives and property of our citizens.”

Compared to the S-70A Firehawks, the S-70i features wide chord rotorblades to support increased payload and manoeuvrability, enhanced engine power, a stronger airframe, digital cockpit, and an integrated Vehicle Health Management System.

“The Firehawk helicopter is born from an S-70i Black Hawk because of its proven and robust military design, which enables it to endure the enormous physical stresses required to drop 1,000 gallons of water multiple times a day on the fire line,” said Dan Schultz, president of Sikorsky.

“We stand behind L.A. County and will continue to support them during their critical missions, ensuring they continue to save untold lives and properties with our Sikorsky products.”