Leonardo purchases two outstanding offerings


Macro of Alexnader Hamilton portrait on the U.S. ten dollar bill.

Leonardo is to purchased back two outstanding note offerings due 2039 and 2040.

The OEM and its subsidiary Leonardo US Holdings will purchase its outstanding 7.375% guaranteed notes due 2039 and its outstanding 6.250% due in 2040. Both notes were previous offerings guaranteed by Leonardo.

Final tender results for the purchase were pushed back from the initial deadline of 15 November and maximum tender cap of the offerings was increased. On 29 November 2017, the tender offer notes exceeded the tender cap of $300,000,000. The company bought back $300,000,000 of outstanding denominated notes on 4 December, leaving no additional notes available for purchase.


Leonardo has also redeemed the entirety of its 6.250% guaranteed notes due in 2019, of which $434,118,000 was left outstanding.

These notes were redeemed on 15 December 2017 for $1,087.78 per $1,000 of the principle amount. The redeemed payment will equal $472,301,022.64.

As a result of the tender offering mentioned above and the redemption, Leonardo has reduced its outstanding denominated notes by $734,118,000.