Ehang 184 drone takes manned test flights


Chinese drone manufacturer Ehang has released video footage of the first piloted test flights of its upcoming two-seater passenger drone – the Ehang 184.

The Ehang 184 is a battery-powered passenger drone that can be piloted or flown autonomously. Early specifications show a flight duration of 25 minutes at a speed of 100 km/h. The Ehang 184 has a cruising altitude of 500 metres and takes only one hour to fully charge.

The video shows Hu Huazhi, founder and CEO of Ehang, taking a short flight in a test area in Lianyungang city in China. “I’ve flown so many helicopters, but nothing feels like this,” Huazhi said.

Guangzhou government officials including the deputy mayor of Guangzhou were then taken on short, autonomously piloted trips outside and were followed by Ehang executives.

The Ehang 184 took environmental flight tests, including a 300-metre climbing test, foggy conditions, night flights, long-range flight tests and typhoon winds.

The full video can be seen on Ehang’s YouTube channel:

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