Czech MoD opens helicopter tender


The Czech Republic has issued a tender for 12 multi-purpose helicopters.

Defence Minister Karla Slechtova announced on Twitter that the his ministry is looking for 12 multipurpose helicopters from more than one supplier.

The Czech MoD is seeking to expand its fleet as part of the country’s pledge to boost its defence spending in line with NATO standards. In 2014, NATO members that were not spending more than 2% of GDP on defence  pledged to meet that target by 2024.

Ms Slechtova said on Twitter: “I decided how to enter the order for 12 new multi-purpose helicopters. We won’t go to one supplier. We will address at least three bidders, complete the tender documentation and announce the order in summer.”

The ministry is looking to source the helicopters from at least three bidders to replace its aging fleet of Mi-24s – reported Prague Daily Monitor.

Two OEMs had previously stepped in to supply helicopters. Bell and Leonardo reportedly submitted offers to the Czech Republic last year, but Slechtova scrapped the deal when she entered office in October 2017, according to Reuters.