Milestone Aviation completes purchase and leaseback of four S-92 helicopters


Milestone Aviation Sikorsky S-92

Dublin, Ireland, May 31, 2018 – Milestone Aviation Group Limited, a GE Capital Aviation Services company and the global leader in helicopter leasing, announced today that it has completed the purchase and lease back of four S-92 aircraft. The acquisition of these aircraft expands Milestone’s owned and debt financed fleet of S-92 helicopters to over 95 — more than one third of all S-92 aircraft in operation globally.

Ideally suited for a variety of missions, including offshore oil & gas transportation as well as search and rescue, S-92 helicopters have provided more than 1.3 million reliable flight hours with operators around the world.

“With their continued commitment to the platform, driving both availability and affordability, Sikorsky has demonstrated a focus on keeping these aircraft competitive,” said Daniel Rosenthal, Milestone President and CEO, noting: “Milestone takes pride in our partnership with Sikorsky and our ability to place these aircraft in operation while securing our fleet’s future marketability.”

“As the largest owner of S-92s in the world, Milestone’s commitment to the type is second to none,” said Sikorsky’s Vice President, Commercial Systems & Services, Dana Fiatarone. “We value our collaboration with Milestone, and Sikorsky is committed to future enhancements and continued support to ensure the S-92 remains the offshore commercial helicopter of choice for operators.”