Honeywell tests HSD-400 transceiver


Honeywell have installed the HSD-400 voice and high-speed data transceiver on an in-service UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-53 Stallion.

The system uses new high-data rate services from Inmarsat to deliver Wi-Fi whilst eliminating signal interference from the rotor blades.

The HSD-400 also provides aircrews with a constant communication link to operational bases, and features four channels of service – making it suitable for long-range, large helicopters.

“Achieving high-speed Wi-Fi onboard a military helicopter can dramatically enhance mission success. The successful demonstration of our HSD-400 transceiver on UH-60 and CH-53 platforms shows our commitment to improving connectivity for military operators”, said Colin Dorestt, vice president, defense and space, Honeywell Aerospace.

The HSD-400 is also an upgradable option for commercial helicopters, with the system providing uninterrupted broadband for inflight office connectivity.

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