Airbus signs agreement for two H145Ms with Luxembourg


The Government of Luxembourg has ordered two H145M helicopters for defence and security missions.

As part of the deal, Airbus will provide training and support for the customer alongside the helicopters.

The aircraft will be delivered before the end of 2019 and will enter service at the beginning of 2020. Both H145s will be operated and serviced at Luxembourg Findel Airport.

The helicopters will be equipped with a hoist, fast-roping system, a high-performance camera, searchlight and advanced-communications systems. Both H145s will be equipped to operate in adverse weather conditions and night-time operations.

This order comes off the back of Luxembourg government’s first two H145Ms ordered back in January this year. Both orders were purchased as part of the Luxembourg government’s 2025 defence programme.

The H145M has a maximum take-off weight of 3.7 tonnes and has been used traditionally in transport, surveillance, air-rescue, reconnaissance and medical-evacuation missions. More than 95% of the of H145Ms sold are currently in service.

Airbus Helicopters has netted more than 143 helicopter orders so far in 2018 and delivered 141. The money Airbus Helicopters took in from orders fell by 43% in the first half of 2018, compared to the same period of 2017.

The first-half ‘s delivery decrease was not helped by the delayed rollout of the new H160. Deliveries fell 5% from last year’s H1 overall.

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