Sikorsky registers first S-100 helicopter


Sikorsky has registered a new helicopter model named the S-100 with the FAA.

Without any announcement or fanfare, Sikorsky has submitted a new helicopter to the FAA Registry. The aircraft (designated serial number msn 0001) is the first of previously unknown S-100 model.

The aircraft has been assigned the registration N100FV.

Not much has been made public about the aircraft –the engine manufacturer, model, category etc are not specified in the FAAs documentation.

However, the FAA documentation reveals the S-100 has two engines, 14 seats and a lift-weight class of 20,000 kg or over. The only helicopter that Sikorsky publicly has in development is the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant.

This is a medium-sized helicopter for multi-role military operations. The aircraft category, seating and dual-engines fall in line with what we know so far about the SB-1. The aircraft was initially meant to fly for the first time in late 2017 but was delayed last year.

Sikorsky and Boeing are collaboratively developing the aircraft and plan to submit the aircraft to the US army and, when flight tests begin, the US army will evaluate the aircraft and suggest changes for further development.

Whilst details are scarce, you can check the model inquiry and N-number enquiry results on the FAA website.

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