Transport Canada approves Robinson R66 cargo hook


Robinson R66 cargo hook

Torrance, CA – On 8 November 2018, Transport Canada approved Robinson’s R66 cargo hook installation, providing Canadian commercial lift operators with a high performance, low cost solution giving them a leg up on the competition.

The optional cargo hook carries external loads up to 1200 lb., and the R66’s maximum gross weight increases from 2700 lb. to 2900 lb. The cargo hook installation allows solo flight from either front seat. Optional extra-large bubble windows enable the pilot to view the load for precision placement.

“One thing I’ve learned from all my years in the industry is that high operating costs are the main reason commercial operators fail,” said Eric Gould, owner Aerial Recon, a long-time Robinson dealer in Calgary, Canada. “The R66’s bottom line gives users the edge over aging fleets currently in the field. And, now with the cargo hook, R66 operators can handle loads of 1200 lb. all day long and not with just 15 minutes of fuel.”