LCI delivers two Leonardo helicopters to Weststar


AgustaWestland AW139 in static display (Credit: Terry Spruce)

Lease Corporation International (LCI) has delivered two new Leonardo Helicopters – an AW139 and AW189 — to Weststar Aviation Services on operating leases to Malaysia.

The two helicopters will enter service alongside an existing AW189 leased by LCI and will fly on operations in Kerteh and Miri in Malaysia.

LCI has worked with Weststar since June 2013 when it first delivered two AW139s to the offshore operator.


(now retired), CEO of Weststar, said: “We were pleased to commence our first helicopter lease with LCI in 2013 and, since then, we have taken delivery of additional helicopters which demonstrates LCI’s continued support and commitment to meeting their customers’ needs.”

LCI has approximately US$1 billion worth of helicopter assets in service. Whilst eyes have been turned to Waypoint and Macquarie in the leasing space, LCI has remained quiet and focused on the multi-purpose medium and super-medium helicopter markets.

The lessor has also been hit less by the oil-and-gas downturn then some of its counterparts, with only 30% of its fleet serving the oil-and-gas industry – branching out into EMS, offshore wind, SAR, utility and corporate missions.

LCI in figures:

LCI Helicopters:

Portfolio: $750m (Ascend Full Life Base Value)

Number of helicopters owned, managed and on order: 61

Orders and options: Between $105m – $125m

Customers: 18

(Figures as of 13 December 2018)