PAL-V reveals flying car production model


PAL-V unveils the production model of its limited edition flying car

VTOL start-up PAL-V unveiled the production model of its Liberty Pioneer flying car at the Geneva Motor Show today.

The concept for the combined automobile and aircraft was first revealed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. Now, the production model for the aircraft is on display at PAL-Vs booth.

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V said: “Last year we already announced that we were going to start with a limited edition of the PAL-V Liberty. This year we show the special elements of this limited edition of which delivery starts in 2020.

“The Pioneer Edition is for those that want to be part of a unique group that writes history with us. They will be at the forefront of a mobility revolution, where we will no longer have cars that can only drive. They will be the first carflyers in their country, FlyDriving to any destination.”

The production model of the PAL-V Liberty features a dual-control cockpit and an electronic flight-instrument system and the exterior of the vehicle is built entirely from carbon fibre.

The Liberty is also designed to comply with existing airworthiness and automobile regulations – a different approach to those of many other VTOL companies that are developing aircraft and working with regulators to create the regulatory framework for the aircraft type.

AeroMobil is the other big player in the combined automobile and VTOL space. The Slovakian manufacturer announced in January that it was seeking airworthiness approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Similar to the PAL-V, the aircraft is designed to meet current airworthiness and roadworthiness standards.

Mike Stekelenburg, chief engineer at PAL-V said: “Although more and more flying concepts are announced, only a handful of companies work on a real flying car: one that can both fly and drive, ideal for city to city mobility. The combination offers unprecedented freedom: personal door-to-door flying mobility.

“The gyroplane principle not only provides us with a safe and easy-to-operate flying car but it also enables us to make it compact and within existing regulations, which is the most important factor to build a useable flying car.”