Leasing market: Find out what’s in store at Helicopter Investor’s conference


30th January 2019. HI Day One

The future of helicopter leasing will take centre stage at Helicopter Investor’s London 2020 conference next Tuesday (February 25th) and Wednesday (February 26th) at the Royal Garden Hotel.

After a transformative year for helicopter leasing in 2019, 2020 is likely to set the trajectory of the market over the years ahead. To explore the outlook for the next 10 years, Helicopter Investor has assembled four specialists with detailed knowledge of the leasing market.

Exploring how the helicopter leasing market will look in 2030 will be: Stephen Cook, global head of transportation finance and executive director of Macquarie Rotorcraft, Crispin Maunder, executive chairman Lease Corporation International, Pat Sheedy, President & CEO Milestone Aviation Group Ltd and Bill Wolf, President & CEO Lobo Leasing.

As a preview to their conversation, don’t miss the video recording below of last year’s session on helicopter leasing. The biggest news of 2019 was Macquarie’s acquisition of Waypoint Leasing -– the largest independent lessor at the time. During last year’s panel discussion Macquarie’s Cook talked about his company’s position as the then leading bidder for Waypoint Leasing, describing the acquisition as a “defensible entry point into a large number of aircraft”.

“Waypoint’s plan was a grow-at-all-costs strategy, but they got caught out before being able to find a buyer at its highest point,” Cook said.


Following Waypoint Leasing’s  bankruptcy, 2019 ended a markedly more positive year for lessors, especially for Macquarie and Nova Capital, which expanded their fleets considerably.

With most of Waypoint’s old fleet now owned and operated by Macquarie, the leasing market looks very different than last year. The key challenges of oversupply and lack of capital still stand but with promises of continued growth in the worldwide helicopter fleet, as old models are phased out, there are still opportunities to be found.

Those opportunities will be explored in detail at Helicopter Investor London 2020, which takes place at the Royal Garden Hotel from February 25th-26th. If you want to hear more from the market’s leading lessors about what to expect over the years ahead, alongside with more than 300 business aviation professionals, you can book your place at the our 10th annual Helicopter Investor London conference here. The full conference agenda is available here.