ASX Partners with Spirit AeroSystems for eVTOL production


Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kansas-based aerostructures manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems to mass produce ASX’s MOBi-One aircraft concept.

Jon Rimanelli, CEO and co-founder of ASX told Helicopter Investor: “Partnering with legacy aviation companies is very important to ensure we capture key processes and lessons learned to achieve system safety and reliability for eVTOL development.”

The proposed specifications of the MOBi-One show a 260-mile range, a cruising speed of 150mph, and a capacity of four passengers or 1,100lb of cargo. ASX also claims that the commercial model of the aircraft will be compatible with either hybrid or fully-electric propulsion systems.

Rimanelli said: “Spirit not only brings its design and manufacturing expertise to the partnership, but most importantly, its deep knowledge in FAA Certification of the aircraft. Our partnership with Spirit aims to deliver simple, safe and robust electric VTOL aircraft that are accessible to the mass traveling public.”

This is the latest in the line of similar partnerships revealed over the past month.  Fellow eVTOL manufacturer Overair has partnered with Korea’s Hanwha Systems to develop the ‘Butterfly’ personal air vehicle and Bell has partnered with Sumitomo and Japan Airlines to study eVTOL services across the Asia-Pacific.

‘Early Pioneers’

Spirit hopes to bring automotive mass-production techniques to the emerging air-taxi market. As part of the agreement, Spirit AeroSystems will work with ASX on the structural design, engineering and final assembly of the MOBi-One.

Keith Hamilton, executive director, programmes and business development for Spirit said: “We look forward to working with ASX, an early pioneer in the emerging urban air mobility market.

“Spirit is actively developing new concepts, designs and solutions that will help build next-generation aircraft and solve challenges in the future. This collaboration gives Spirit the opportunity to bring our world-class capabilities to this important future market for logistics and personal transportation.”