Robinson joins EHA to ‘gain a European voice’ with Escrow


Robinson R66 Turbine

Robinson R66 Turbine

Robinson Helicopters and Escrow Custodian Services are the two newest members of the European Helicopter Association (EHA).

Robinson will join fellow helicopter OEMs Bell, Airbus, Kopter and Leonardo as members of EHA. The Torrence, California-based manufacturer is by far the most prolific of the OEMs worldwide, having delivered more than 12,000 helicopters.

Steve Turnour, Director of Certification said: “Robinson sees membership in EHA as an opportunity to be more engaged in the European helicopter industry. California is a long way from Europe and our primary connection to the continent has been through feedback from our European customers.

“Consequently, we tend to find ourselves reacting to changes in European airworthiness and operational requirements more than anticipating them. We see our membership in EHA as an opportunity to get in front of these changes through EHAs participation in the regulatory process.”

Turnour added that EHA membership also provided a voice for Robinson’s European customers in shaping “EHA’s vision and mission”.

Escrow Custodian Services is one of the UK’s foremost escrow providers, covering escrow transactions in several markets – including all civil-aircraft transactions.

Nicola Robinson, chief operations officer at Escrow Custodian Services said: “We are delighted to become member of the EHA and look forward to meeting our fellow associates and finding out more about the industry.

“Having direct access and participation in the workstreams with the European community of National Helicopter Association’s leaders is exciting for ECS and will be mutually beneficial.”

EHA has invited pilots, owners and operators to contribute to its European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS)- an EASA programme which will comprise the agency’s new safety standards.