VIH Aviation Group first customer for Sikorsky’s S-92A+ Kit


Canada’s VIH Aviation Group has ordered four S-92A+ upgrade kits from Sikorsky.

The S-92A+ upgrade kit includes an increase to 27,700 lb. Max Gross Weight, longer component retirement times and a Phase IV Main Gear Box. The gear box allows the helicopter to fly 400 nautical miles after the loss of primary lubrication system oil pressure.

Audrey Brady, commercial systems and services vice president, Sikorsky said:

“The S-92A+ and S-92B programs demonstrate Lockheed Martin’s commitment to the commercial business and to our customers. This program will enhance safety and lower operating costs, and we are honored to work with VIH as our launch customer for this program.”

Ken Norie, president and owner of VIH Aviation Group said:

“This kit will improve our S-92 fleet’s performance and capacity and enables VIHAG companies to continue providing our customers industry-leading, all-weather and deep-water offshore SAR, medevac and passenger transportation.”

Sikorsky says the S-92A+ kit will be delivered in 2023 and the S-92B helicopter in 2025. VIH has operated S-92s since 2004.

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