Milestone leasing two five blade H145s to NHV


NHV Group is leasing two five-bladed H145s from Milestone Aviation.  The aircraft are being used to support NHV’s contract with Germany’s Federal Armed Forces’ training program.

“We are delighted to continue building on our long-term relationship with Milestone for this important contract win,” said Thomas Hütsch, Chief Operating Officer, NHV. The introduction of the five-bladed H145 into our fleet marks an important milestone in NHV’s ongoing modernization efforts, helping us to deliver our expanded services faster and more efficiently than ever before. Milestone has structured a lease solution that ideally suited our needs. We appreciate their ability to think long-term and simultaneously move quickly to execute on tight timeframes.”

The aircraft were delivered in December 2020 and January 2021 to NHV’s base in Laupheim, Southern Germany

“NHV and Milestone are both long-standing partners of Airbus for many years and we are honoured that they are renewing their confidence in our products with the delivery of the new five-bladed H145,” said Régis Magnac, Head of Energy, Leasing and Global Accounts at Airbus Helicopters. “This latest upgrade of the proven H145 family adds a new, innovative five-bladed rotor to the multi-mission H145, increasing the useful load of the helicopter by 150 kg. The simplicity of the new bearingless main rotor design will also ease maintenance operations, further improving the benchmark serviceability and reliability of the H145, while improving ride comfort for both passengers and crew.”

Milestone also delivered a four-bladed H145 to NHV’s helicopter fleet in 2020. Milestone Aviation now leases eight helicopters into NHV’s fleet. The aircraft are on a range of contracts including offshore transportation, emergency services, windfarm maintenance and now military training.

“We are delighted to support NHV as they continue to grow their operations. In particular, we are pleased to add not only our first five-bladed H145 but the first for NHV,” said Sebastien Moulin, Head of Europe & Americas at Milestone. “The ability to provide such tailor-made solutions is a key differentiator for Milestone and illustrates the depth of service capability we offer. We look forward to further developing our partnership with NHV and continuing to be a trusted leasing partner and advisor.”