Milestone to deliver three AW139s to Thai Aviation Services


Helicopter leasing and financing company Milestone Aviation Group is to deliver three AW139 helicopters for offshore oil and gas missions to Thai Aviation Services (TAS); a privately-owned helicopter operator based in Thailand.

The three AW139 helicopters will be used to support a multi-year contract recently awarded to TAS, operating with its partner Helistar, an oil and gas company in Malaysia. The helicopters will be delivered in February 2022 and be based in Malaysia. Operations are scheduled to start soon after delivery.

Michael York, head of Emerging Markets at Milestone, said: “The Milestone team’s high level of skill, experience and commitment ensured that we were able to rapidly modify and provide these three AW139 helicopters to TAS. This certainty of execution is a key differentiator for Milestone and we are pleased to continue Milestone’s deep commitment to TAS, and support their oil and gas missions in Malaysia.”

TAS MD Suwanawat Koeworakul welcomed the expansion of the company’s fleet. “TAS’ existing relationship with Milestone is strengthened by the addition of these aircraft,” he said. The three AW139s will help us meet our obligations in providing exceptional offshore service for our customers in Thailand, with our partner Helistar in Malaysia.”

One of the world’s largest owners of AW139 helicopters, Milestone’s fleet is deployed globally across a variety of missions, including oil and gas, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), law enforcement, and Search and Rescue (SAR).

Meanwhile, TAS has played a key role as an air operator providing helicopter service for the offshore operations of oil and gas companies throughout the Southeast Asia region for more than 30 years, according to Milestone.

TAS provides services to the petroleum concessionaires in the Gulf of Thailand with Sikorsky S-61N, S-76 A++, S-76 C+, S-76 C++, S76D, S92 and Leonardo AW139 helicopters. It operates from the U-Tapao International Airport and Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport in support of production and exploration activities in the Gulf of Thailand, including along the territorial waters of Thailand’s neighbouring countries, such as Cambodia and Malaysia.

Milestone will deliver three AW139 helicopters to Thai Aviation Services (TAS) in February 2022.