Milestone delivers final AW139 in 26-helicopter Aramco deal


Milestone Aviation Group has delivered the last AW139 in its 21-helicopter leasing deal with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco Overseas.

Aramco signed the lease deal in 2018 for 21 new AW139s and five new Airbus H145 helicopters. The first AW139 and all five H145s were delivered in 2019. Aramco has also extended leases on two Milestone AW139s.

“We are extremely grateful for the trust placed in our services and for the excellent collaboration with Aramco,” said Claire Brugirard, vice president commercial – Africa & Middle East, Milestone. “Thanks to our financial strength and technical expertise, our team was able to continue deliveries throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, overcoming some of the most challenging circumstances. Aramco’s commitment to this fleet renewal program is a testament to the benefits of leasing and we are incredibly proud to support them in their oil and gas missions across Saudi Arabia.”

Milestone closed its first deal with Aramco in 2016 with a lease for there AW139s.