WINGX and Parapex Media launch data joint venture


WINGX and Parapex Media have launched a helicopter market intelligence joint venture. The two companies want to provide insights to operators, brokers, service providers and investors.

They will use data covering every western civil-operated turbine helicopter to create graphs, maps, data tables and downloads.

“We think this is a great opportunity to materialise the obvious synergies between our two businesses, and good timing, given the emerging and exciting convergence of business aviation and next-gen short-haul and eVTOL operations,” said Richard Koe, MD, WINGX. ”

Users can select data based on country, type of operation, operator, aircraft type, engine type and others factors.

“This collaboration opens up new opportunities for the helicopter industry that have never been seen before,” said Jeremy Parkin, MD, Parapex Media.  “In combining our complementary knowledge and expertise, customers are afforded the ability to make better business decisions on the basis of accurate and well-presented data.”