Lobo Leasing orders 15 Pipistrel hybrid cargo VTOLs


Lobo Leasing has signed a letter of intent with deposits for the acquisition of 15 Nuuva V300 autonomous cargo hybrid VTOL aircraft from Pipistrel.

Pipistrel’s NUUVA V300 has a three cubic meter capacity and can carry 460kg up to 400km.

“The Lobo platform structure, their smart arrangement of financing solutions, and their extensive knowledge of the global vertical lift market add key elements to this new ecosystem and provides OEMs with a strategic differential to meet aircraft operator needs and foster the introduction, growth and consolidation of the hVTOL technology globally,” said Bryan Wood, head of business development for special products at Pipistrel.

Lobo and Pipistrel say they will collaborate to build and connect a base of operators and investors.

“We are proud to be part of this moment in the vertical lift industry evolution,” said Gustavo Semeraro, senior vice president business development, Lobo.  “The Pipistrel innovative approach associated with their solid position as an experienced and successful long-term established OEM places the Nuuva V300 in a position to revolutionise the existing systems of cargo delivery and the segment of middle mile logistics as well as to bring plenty of new capabilities to mission-critical roles like remote operations and aerial support to humanitarian campaigns.”

In March 2022 Textron Aviation agreed to acquire Pipistrel with the acquisition expected to close by June.