Gama Aviation preferred bidder for Wales Air Ambulance contract


Gama Aviation is the preferred bidder for a contract offered by the Wales Air Ambulance Charity to operate and maintain four medium-size helicopters.

After a 16-month procurement process, Gama is finalising contract details over the next two months. The seven-year agreement, starting on January 1st 2024, would be fulfilled by the company’s Special Mission Strategic Business Unit (SBU).

Mark Smith, MD, Special Mission said: “We are both proud and honoured to have been selected as the preferred bidder for this strategically significant contract after a hard-fought competition for a nationally important air ambulance contract. The Special Mission SBU will be working closely with the charity over the coming weeks and months to agree final terms …”.

Gama Aviation said while there is no guarantee the contract will be concluded, any award would see the air ambulance rotary aircraft fleet more than double in size.

Founded in 1983, Gama Aviation has three global divisions. They include: Business Aviation, covering aircraft management, charter, FBO and maintenance and Special Missions, including air ambulance and rescue, national security and policing, infrastructure and survey, energy and offshore.

It’s third division, Technology & Outsourcing, delivers flight operations, FBO, Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) software, Flight Planning, CAM and Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) services.

Meanwhile, the was formed on St. David’s Day, March 1st, 2001 and operates from bases across Wales. Relying on annual charitable donations of £8m, the charity claims to have completed more than 43,000 missions and is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Above: Gama Aviation’s air ambulance and rescue services fall within its Special Missions division. Top: The Wales Air Ambulance Charity has completed more than 43,000 missions in its 21-year history.