Ruili Jingcheng Group orders two Sikorsky helicopters

Sikorsky and Ruili Jingcheng Group announced at Airshow China 2012 the signing of two contracts for the introduction of one S-92 helicopter and one S-76D helicopter, marking Sikorsky’s first S-92 helicopter sale to a private Chinese operator and the first ever Sikorsky S-76D helicopter sale into China. Both aircraft will be configured for airline use.

“Today’s announcement signals a major milestone for Sikorsky’s business development in China,” said Ed Beyer, vice president, Sikorsky Global Helicopters. “We are truly feeling the warmth of the fast-growing helicopter market here as more S-76 and S-92 helicopters keep flying into China. We are even more pleased that our newest customer here has chosen Sikorsky because of the popularity of our products in this market and the high reputation we have built over the past 30 years.”

“As China continues to embrace Sikorsky products, we recognize that this is the kind of product acceptance we typically receive in more mature markets elsewhere in the world, and Sikorsky looks forward to continuing its relationship with these customers for many years to come,” Beyer said.

Ruili Jingcheng Group, a private conglomerate based in Ruili, Yunnan province in southwestern China, is expanding its business into the aviation sector by establishing three aviation subsidiaries, including a helicopter operating company.

Currently, there are 31 Sikorsky S-76 and four S-92 helicopters of various configurations flying in China.

Terry Spruce

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