Russian Helicopters visit South Korea

Russian Helicopters are visiting South Korea as part of its contract for overhaul of Ka-32 helicopters operated by Korea’s Forest Aviation Headquarters.

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The delegation will meet with the management team of LG International, visit the technical centre at Jeonju and discuss prospects for cooperation on technical maintenance of Russian-built helicopters for the Korean market.

Ka-32 helicopters have been supplied to South Korean operators since 1993. They are suited to operations in the challenging geographical and climatic conditions found in remote parts of mountainous regions, northern latitudes, tropical regions with hot and wet climates, and over water.

More than 60 Ka-32 helicopters operate in South Korea. Forest Aviation Headquarters uses the helicopters for firefighting, while the Armed Forces deploy them on search-and-rescue operations. The country’s coastguard operates Ka-32s to patrol Korea’s inshore waters. In addition they are used by commercial operators for cargo transportation, construction work, logging and other tasks.

South Korea’s police force deploys the Mi-171A2, one of the aircraft of the Mi-8/17 series, for routine patrols and special operations.

There are currently two service centres in South Korea for servicing Russian-built helicopters: one at LG International and the second at Forest Aviation Headquarters.

Russian Helicopters Ka-32A

Russian Helicopters Ka-32A

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