Helicopter Investor Town Halls

Find out what is going on in the helicopter market. Featuring speakers from around the world, Helicopter Investor Town Hall are follow-up events from the London Conference in February 2020. If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring the Town Hall, please email louisa@corporatejetinvestor.com

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The next Helicopter Investor Town Hall will be on Thursday 21st October. If you would like to hear the latest news and insights and connect with industry colleagues before then, why not register for the Helicopter Investor 2021 Conference which is taking place in September.

Helicopter Investor – October Town Hall
(October 21st 2021)

Sponsored by Aero Asset



Previous Town Hall sessions:

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Helicopter Investor – July Town Hall (15th July 2021) 

Hosted by Aero Asset.

Speakers included:

Emmanuel Dupuy, Aero Asset
Will Sturm, Aero Asset
Andrew Collins, Sentient Jet
Will Fulton, Airbus Helicopters North America
Francesco Lazzarini, Heliflite
David “Spyke” Whiting, Eagle Copters

Click here to download Aero Asset’s Heli Market Trends Q2 2021 report. 

Helicopter Investor April Town Hall  (22 April 2021)

Sponsored by Aero Asset

Speakers included

William Sturm, Aero Asset
Oliver Althoff, Seabury Corporate Finance

Tony Cramp, Shell Aircraft
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice
Chris Seymour, Cirium

 Click here to download Aero Asset’s Heli Market Trends Q1 2021 report. 

Helicopter Investor March Town Hall (11 March 2021)

Sponsored by Sikorsky, this Town Hall focussed on the latest safety news from across the industry

Speakers included:
Jason Durno, Sikorsky
Lee Harris, Siemens Gamesa
Tim Rolfe, HeliOffshore

Click here to download a copy of Jason Durno’s presentation

Helicopter Investor January Town Hall   (28th January 2021)

Click here to access a replay of the session

Sponsored by Aero Asset

Speakers included:
William Sturm, Aero Asset
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice
Sebastien Moulin, The Milestone Aviation Group
Conor O’Briain, PwC Ireland
Steve Robertson, Air & Sea Analytics

Click here to download the  Aero Asset Heli Market Trends Q4 edition

Helicopter Investor November Town Hall   (Thursday 12th November)

(Click here to access the replay of the session)

Sponsored by Aero Asset

Speakers included:

Sébastien Delmaire, Aero Asset
Crispin Maunder, LCI
Chris Bradshaw, Bristow Group Inc.
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice
Brad Shaen, International Aviation Marketing
Sara Dhariwal, Ascend by Cirium

 Click here to download the  Aero Asset Heli Market Trends Q3 edition. Aero Asset specializes in global helicopter sales. In addition to trading helicopters, Aero Asset provides unparalleled market intelligence to clients.


“Individual market performance, trading values and more… “

Helicopter Leasing Special (Thursday 27th August)

Speakers included:

Stephen Cook, Executive Director, Macquarie Bank
Conor O’Briain, Senior Manager – Aviation Finance Tax, PwC
Olivier Piot, Founder and CEO, Nova Capital group
Pat Sheedy, President and CEO, Milestone Aviation

Click here for Nova Capital’s press release on the expansion of their fleet

Helicopter Investor July Town Hall (Thursday 16th July)

Speakers included:

Will Sturm, Sales Director, Aero Asset
Joe Hawke, Chairman & CEO, Uniflight Global
Steve Robertson, Director, Air & Sea Analytics
Sara Dhariwal, Valuations Manager,  Ascend by Cirium
David Crick, Founder, DavAir
Jean-Marc Youkhana, Founder, Uplifting Aviation

Helicopter Investor June Town Hall (Thursday 9th June)

Speakers included:

Sharon Desfor, Chairman of the Board and Owner of HeliValue$
David Fowkes, Managing Director, Sector Co-Head, Aviation & Aerospace, Raymond James
Pedro Clode, Executive Director, Helicopter Consulting
Jeremy Parkin, founder, Parapex Media
Alastair Fallon, Helicopter Aviation Analyst, IBA Group
Jason Kmiecik, President, HeliValue$


Helicopter Investor Global (Tuesday 12th May)

Speakers included:

Bill Wolf, President and CEO, Lobo Leasing
Hooman Yazhari, Former CEO, Waypoint Leasing and Current Lead Independent Director, Bristow Helicopters.
Emmanuel Dupuy, Sales Director, AeroAsset
Jean-Marc Youkhana, Founder, Uplifting Aviation
Steve Robertson, Founder, Air & Sea Analytics
Richard Berkemeier, Founder, Pegasus Aircraft
David Crick, Founder, DavAir
Sara Dhariwal, Valuations Manager,  Ascend by Cirium
Jason Kmiecik,  President, HeliValue$
Sharon Desfor, Chairman of the Board and Owner, HeliValue$