Helicopteros no Brasil – A Perspectiva Local (Helicopters in Brazil – The Local Perspective)

Town Hall

Date: 20 July 2023

This Town Hall episode is going to be a special episode which is livestreamed in Portuguese. Please find the English captioned version here.

Speakers include:

  • Francisco Camoes, Sr. Sales Director, Aero Asset
  • Valerie Pereira, VP Market Research, Aero Asset
  • Christian Gras, Head of Global Sales AW09, Kopter Group
  • Giuseppe Mignoli, Regional Sales Director, Leonardo
  • Marcelo Madruga, Commercial Director, HBR Aviacao
  • Eduardo Pina, Commercial Manager, HBR Aviacao
  • Diego Medeiros, CEO, Helipark
  • Edson Pedroso, General Manager, Helicidade
  • Thales Pereira, President, Abraphe
  • Junia Hermont, COO, Lider Aviacao

Kindly hosted by Aero Asset

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