Market analysis: UK offshore helicopter fleet


The UK offshore helicopter fleet consists of 95 helicopters that carry more than one million passengers each year to 228 platforms and 100 mobile helidecks. Some 141,000 helicopter trips took place in 2012 flying for 86,000 flight hours.

According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about 230 helicopters are used for offshore operations in 11 European countries – but most of this fleet serves platforms in the North Sea.

The UK (95 helicopters) and Norway operate 70% of the European off-shore helicopter fleet and 95% of the region’s helicopters – S-92s, EC225s and AS332s – with 18 passenger seats.

There are 228 platforms fitted with helidecks and between 50 and 100 mobile helidecks in the UK coastal waters, according to a 2013 report by trade association UK Oil & Gas.

Some 141,000 helicopter trips took place in 2012 – carrying more than one million passengers for 86,000 flight hours. The core workforce – workers who spend more than 100 nights each year off-shore – is 25,760 people according to UK Oil & Gas.

UK Offshore operators

Bond Offshore HelicoptersBristow HelicoptersCHC ScotiaTotal

Source: UK CAA

Fleet by Operator

Bond Offshore Helicopters (Inaer)Bristow HelicoptersCHC ScotiaTotal
AS332 L/L17613
AS332 L26 (2 S&R)6
SA365 N333

Source: UK CAA


Bond operates from: Aberdeen, Humberside, Norwich, Sumburgh, Blackpool and the Miller Platform (SAR).

Bristow operates from: Aberdeen, Humberside, Norwich, Sumburgh (SAR), Netherlands, Scatsta and Stornoway (SAR).

CHC operates from: Aberdeen, Humberside, North Denes, Sumburgh, Lee on Solent (SAR) and Portland.

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