Market analysis: Orders by helicopter leasing companies stay firm


Milestone Aviation Group’s orders at the 2015 Paris Airshow for 31 helicopters are encouraging for helicopter OEMs as it shows that leasing companies are still keen to place speculative orders.

Operating lessors have ordered 63 helicopters in the first six months of 2015.

Lower oil prices mean that lessors are having a tougher time placing helicopters that are being delivered this year but leasing companies are ordering for two or three years ahead.

Milestone now has outstanding orders and options for 117 helicopters worth $2.4 billion at list price. Waypoint Leasing also has firm and option orders with aircraft manufacturers for more than 95 helicopters valued at more than $1.4 billion, to be delivered over the next five years. Lease Corporation International has ordered and placed options for 90 helicopters, worth more than $1.3 billion.




DateHelicopter leasing companyHelicopter manufacturerOrderOptions
June 15, 2015Milestone Aviation GroupAirbus Helicopters9 H175s


Increased 2013 order to 28 H17fs
June 15, 2015Milestone Aviation GroupBell Helicopter20 Bell 525 (LOI)
June 9, 2015Milestone Aviation GroupAgustaWestland3 AW139s
March 3, 2015Waypoint LeasingBell Helicopter20 Bell 525sUndisclosed
February 2015Lease Corporation InternationalAgustaWestland11 mixed fleet ($125 million)
February 25, 2014Milestone Aviation GroupSikorsky8xS-92s
February 25,2014Waypoint LeasingAirbus Helicopers12 EC225 and 25 EC145 T2
February 25,2014Lease Corporation InternationalAirbus HelicoptersUp to 21 helicopters worth $645 million
February 25,2014Lease Corporation InternationalAgustaWestland14xAW139s, 4xAW189
2013Macquarie RotorcraftSikorsky2xS-92A, 2x S-76D
June 17,2013Lease Corporation InternationalAgustaWestland5 x AW139s, 3 x AW169s, 2 x AW189sIncludes firming of options from     Feb 2012 order
March 6, 2013Waypoint LeasingAgustaWestland4 helicopters
March 2013Milestone Aviation GroupSikorsky7 x S-76Ds10 x S-76Ds
March 2013Milestone Aviation GroupSikorsky23 x S-92s14 x S-92s
March 2013Milestone Aviation GroupAirbus Helicopters14 x EC225s
March 2013Milestone Aviation GroupAirbus Helicopters5 x EC175s
August 2012Milestone Aviation GroupSikorsky19xS-92s
February 2012Milestone Aviation GroupEurocopter16xEC225s
February 2012Milestone Aviation GroupSikorsky3xS-92s
February, 2012Lease Corporation InternationalAgustaWestland10 x AW139, 12 x AW189, 12 x AW169
October 2011Milestone Aviation GroupAmerican EurocopterFive EC130B4
June 2011Milestone Aviation GroupSikorskyOne S-92 and two S-76 C++
December 2010Milestone Aviation GroupSikorskyFive S-76C++

Source: Helicopter Investor

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