London 2022 Agenda

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18:30: Welcome cocktail reception & early registration hosted by Airbus

DAY 1 – 6th April
The state of the helicopter market

09.00 Registration & refreshments

09.30 Opening remarks 
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor

09.35 Helicopter leasing 2022
Lessons from the last 18 months
Helicopters versus fixed wing
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Con Barber, Macquarie Rotorcraft
Crispin Maunder, LCI

Pat Sheedy, The Milestone Aviation Group
Olivier Piot, Nova Capital
Dan Roberts, Lobo Leasing

10.25 Helicopter transactions 2021-2022
What is selling and what is not?
New versus pre-owned
Who is buying?
Emmanuel Dupuy, Aero Asset

10.45 Morning coffee hosted by

11.15 What is next for offshore
Where is the market going?
The key priority
Is more consolidation coming?
Moderator: Sébastien Moulin, The Milestone Aviation Group
Tony Cramp, Shell Aircraft
Brad Shaen, International Aviation Marketing

11.55 Will the stored fleet fly again?
Fleet forecast
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Steve Hanna, Protective Packaging Corporation
Jeremy Parkin, Parapex Media
Sara Dhariwal, Ascend by Cirium

12.35 Getting to zero incidents
Tim Rolfe, HeliOffshore

12.55 Lunch hosted by

14.25 Is the industry now fully restructured? 
Is the Chapter 11 era over?
Does consolidation really solve fundamental issues?
Moderator: David Fowkes, Raymond James
Oliver Althoff, (SEASEC) Seabury Corporate Finance
Nick Hall, Effective Outcomes
Jas Lamba, CHC 
Michael Platt, LCI

15.05 The future for SAR – lessons from Bristow
Managing different stakeholders
Opportunities outside the UK
Russell Torbet CBE MA FCMI, Bristow Group

15.25 How the intended use of an appraisal affects value
Moderator: Sharon Desfor, HeliValue$
Chris Wills, Cirium
Phil Seymour, IBA Group

16.05 Afternoon Tea

16.35 The case for consolidation in the utility and firefighting markets in the U.S.
Joseph  Hawke, Uniflight Global  

16.55 The price is right 
A fun, but serious, look at different aircraft types
Moderator: William Sturm, Aero Asset
Gérard Deterne, Pteron Valuations
Alastair Fallon, IBA Group
Jason Kmiecik, HeliValue$

17.40 Closing Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor

17.45 Cocktail reception hosted by


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]DAY 2 – 7th April
The future of the helicopter market

09.00 Refreshments hosted by

09.30 Opening remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor 
09.35 Fireside chat, BLADE: The first listed Urban Air Mobility Company 
Melissa Tomkiel, BLADE Urban Air Mobility 

09.50 The future for rotary
How will the industry look in 2030?
What will the operator environment look like?
Will electric vertical aircraft replace traditional helicopters?
Moderator: Frank Liemandt, European Rotors
Jaspal Jandu, LCI
Sébastien Moulin, The Milestone Aviation Group Ltd
Roberto Garavaglia, Leonardo Helicopters
David Prevor, Airbus Helicopters

10.30 Pioneering electric aviation
Steffen Bay, Vertical Aerospace  

10.50 Morning Coffee

11.20 Why AAM is the next frontier for the helicopter market
Frédéric Aguettant, Helipass

11.40 The Future of Ownership
Finding lifecycle solutions
The future of maintenance, 
Sustainability, fully turnkey solutions
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
Miguel CarrascoCHC Helicopter
Nicolas Chabée, Pratt & Whitney Canada
Kieran Hannan, The Milestone Aviation Group Ltd

12.30 Lunch reception hosted by LCI

13.45 How to prepare for day 1 operations
Moderator: Patrick Moore, Watson Farley & Williams
Damian KyselySkyports
Juliana Kiraly, Eve Urban Air Mobility 

Adam Twidell, OneSky Flight 

14.25 The business of moving parts
How urgent organ transportation works
The way forward with drones and eVTOL
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Brown, Skyports Drone Services

Will Heyburn, BLADE Urban Air Mobility
Stephen Lyons, AYR Logistics Ltd 

15.05 An uplifting end
Are we seeing logic in offshore markets?
What will the next 10 years look like
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Aviation  

15.25 Closing Remarks
Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor 

15.30 Afternoon Tea