Columbia Helicopters delivers Columbia Model 107-II to South Korea


Heavy-lift helicopter specialist Columbia Helicopters has sold and delivered a Columbia Model 107-II to Daejin Air of South Korea.

The helicopter will be used mainly for firefighting, during day and night operations with night vision goggles (NVG). The aircraft will also provide heavy-lift and powerline construction support throughout South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Featuring a 22,000-lb (9,979-kg) lifting capacity, the Columbia Model 107-II internal and external cargo lift options, and passenger-carrying capability.

The Model 107-II delivery makes Daejin Air Columbia’s launch customer for the aircraft in Asia. As a part of the sale, the OEM, MRO and operator also provided  aircrew and maintenance training for Daejin Air’s pilots and mechanics at Columbia’s facility in Oregon.

Michael Tremlett, president and CEO of Columbia Helicopters said: “The Columbia Model 107-II is a cost-effective, highly reliable helicopter, and we are seeing considerable demand for the aircraft.

“With the delivery of this aircraft in Asia and the delivery of another 107-II to Europe later in the spring, our OEM business is steadily expanding the global footprint of Columbia aircraft worldwide.”

Kyung Hwan Jung, president and owner, Daejin Air praised the lifting power and stability of the Model 107-II helicopter plus the support received from Columbia. “With the Model 107-II in our fleet, we are increasing our aerial firefighting capabilities, in addition to growing our heavy-lift construction opportunities,” said Jung.

Founded in 2004, Daejin Air received its first approval for night firefighting operations in 2015.+

Meanwhile, the US firm operates the Columbia Model 234 and Columbia Model 107-ll helicopters. In addition to aerial fire fighting, both units are deployed on response missions, oil and gas flights, construction work and servicing infrastructure projects.

The financial terms of the deal were undisclosed.


Columbia Model 107-ll – at a glance

  • Max gross weight: 22,000lbs. (9,979kgs)
  • Max hook weight: 11,500lbs. (5,216kgs)
  • Range: (463 km)
  • Cruise speed: 120kts (222km/hr).

Top and above: Columbia Helicopters has sold and delivered a Columbia Model 107-II to Daejin Air of South Korea. The Model 107-ll can achieve a maximum hook weight of 11,500lbs. (5,216kgs).