Bell agrees sale of four 407GXi helicopters to Polish National Police


 Bell Textron has revealed the sale of four Bell 407GXi helicopters to the Polish National Police (PNP). The aircraft will join three others of the same type already in the PNP’s fleet, which were delivered in October 2020. This latest deal will make PNP the largest public operator of the type in Europe.

The new aircraft will be deployed on missions dedicated to aerial supervision of road traffic – part of the project Safer on the roads. The helicopter supplier is JB Investments, Bell’s independent representative for Poland.

Each Bell 407GXis will be equipped with the Trakka Systems Total Solution Package, which includes a searchlight, camera and moving map and a downlink system and operator console. The system enables the crew to detect, identify and track vehicles andestimate their speed.

Dariusz Augustyniak, deputy chief superintendent, PNP confirmed the force planned to strengthen its technical potential in order to improve road safety. “That is why we will want to use these four latest helicopters primarily to improve safety on the Polish roads. Ultimately, we want each of them to be equipped with an aerial observation system,” he said.

Magdalena Karska, board member, JB Investments said during its 30-year history the business had delivered more than 50 aircraft for public tenders for various institutions, including the Polish Police. “Now, thanks to our 15 years of experience working with Bell Textron, we have the honor to be a prime contractor for the delivery of another four Bell 407 helicopters,” she said.

Bell 407 global fleet totals 1,590 aircraft, with 109 located in Europe. The aircraft has proved popular with parapublic operators, with 131 used globally for this mission, according to the OEM.

Patrick Moulay, senior vice president, International Sales, Bell said the PNP’s selection of 407GXis is testament to the aftermarket service provided by Bell and its maintenance partners. “We recognise the importance of minimising downtime, and that’s why we work hard to ensure excellent parts availability and technical support for our customers,” he added.

Bell 407GXis (pictured above) are powered by a Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 turbine engine featuring two dual-channel FADECs. This engine delivers a cruise speed of 133 kts (246 km/h).