EVFly and FAST Group to develop eVTOL training technology


EVFLY and FAST Group have signed a letter of intent (LoI) to work on flight simulators and related solutions for EVFLY pilot training.

In what the two firm’s have touted as a “major step forward for the future” of the eVTOL industry, the proposed FAST Group flight simulator will be fitted with a motion platform to increase realism.

Germany-based FAST Group’s member of the executive board, Till Borngräber said; “EVFLY promises to lead the industry as one of the first eVTOL commercial operators and they share our aim for the highest degree of safety and efficiency. We are proud to help them achieve this goal with our flight simulation training devices and pilot training concepts.” As early birds in the industry, the joint venture will lay the foundation for many safe and promising eVTOL flights, he said.

With a compact design, FAST Group said its simulator easy to ship and but also simple to install and maintain. This is because roll-off/roll-on capabilities ensure the interchangeability of a cockpit, increasing flexibility.

EVFLY specialises in fleet management and operations for eVTOL aircraft. Company founder and CEO, Yannick Erbs said: “By choosing to partner with FAST Group, we know that we are opting for the best in terms of flight simulators and training solutions, as their main objective is to further improve the efficiency and quality of training by providing us with the best customised solutions.”